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Rotary Coal Tipple - New In Box

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Lionel 2002
Lionel L.L.C.
  • ClassificationLionel Bldgs & Accessories
  • Detail GroupRailroad Buildings
  • Gauge/ScaleO Gauge
  • Track Detail3-Rail

Specs and Features

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  • Precision Can Motor
  • Dimensions: 14 1/2" x 14 1/2" x 11 1/2"
  • Introducing the incredible Lionel Rotary Coal Tipple—the ultimate in prototypical function and railroading fun! To unload, this accessory flips the Bathtub Gondola upside down dumping the coal while the car remains on the track, coupled to the rest of the Bathtub Gondola consist. We modeled this accessory after the functionality of real-life coal tipples. You won’t find one from anyone else. Lionel is proud to be the first to offer in O-Gauge, a functioning Rotary Coal Tipple. ---The Rotary Coal Tipple includes one Bathtub Gondola with dual rotating couplers and a complete trestle set. Simply pull your train through the structure, stopping when a Bathtub Gondola is in place. Operated by remote control, the Rotary Coal Tipple clamps the gondola to the track, and both the track and the gondola are turned upside-down! Thanks to the new rotating couplers, there is no need to uncouple during the “flip.” ---For even more fun, place a 397 Operating Coal Loader below the Rotary Coal Dump to reload your gondolas, and don’t forget your 3-pack of Bathtub Gondolas—rotating couplers allow each of these cars to work with this accessory. The Rotary Coal Tipple revolutionizes model railroad accessories!